Which Duvet is Best?

Which Duvet is Best?

There are now so many different duvets from which to choose, it may seem difficult to find "the best duvet" for you! Not to worry, we're here to help...

The lightest, softest, warmest duvets are considered to be of the highest quality and therefore "the best". With that premise in mind here are some quick links, followed by some advice on choosing the best duvet for you:


In general terms, duvets fall into one of two categories: NATURAL or SYNTHETIC, although there is also some MIDDLE GROUND too, where a duvet is filled with a soft microfibre blended with a naturally breathable material, such as the Breathable Microfibre and Silk Duvet or the Breathable Microfibre and Modal Duvet®.

Synthetic duvets

Traditionally, only a natural down duvet had the ability to be blissfully light yet wonderfully warm. Today, however, synthetic duvets are able to provide both the lightweight feel and all the warmth of natural down duvets, with the added bonus of being allergen-free and easier to clean. Please do take a look at our best microfibre duvets.

Alternatively, here are some top tips for choosing between our synthetic duvets:

  • We don't offer hollowfibre duvets any more as we they simply don't provide anywhere near the comfort of a microfibre duvet, they simply aren't as soft. Though slightly more expensive, the various types of microfibre fillings within our duvets are wonderfully soft and light so should you require a HEAVY duvet we suggest you take a look at the natural feather duvets.
  • The Softer and Lighter than Down duvet is our LIGHTWEIGHT BUT WARM DUVET . It’s 100% silky-soft, fine filling and casing makes it 10% lighter than a standard 60% goose down duvet and 25% softer and lighter than a standard hollowfibre duvet.
  • All our synthetic duvets (apart from the Perfect Balance duvet), have the added benefit of being machine washable up to 60°C, the temperature that kills dust mites, making them the best duvet for allergies. The Spundown duvet  is the ultimate WASHABLE DUVET as it's revolutionary, highly compressible filling enables every size and tog available to be washed in ANY domestic washing machine, no wonder it won the Queen’s award for design and innovation.
  • The So Soft duvet is the best value duvet for you should you require a light-weight duvet, which is both soft and durable.

Middle Ground: Synthetic and Natural Combination Duvets

The following duvet is filled with a combination of microfibre and a breathable fibre and is therefore able to absorb and disperse excess humidity, creating a synthetic duvet that allows your body to 'breathe' so you feel cool, fresh and comfortable all night long. This is the best duvet for those looking for a lightweight, hypoallergenic and breathable duvet, ie the luxurious middle ground between synthetic and natural duvets.

  • The Breathable Microfibre duvet with Silk, filled with premium-grade microfibre and silk, 90% microfibre / 10% pure silk.
  • The Breathable Microfibre duvet with Modal, filled with microfibre and modal, a supersoft and extremely breathable fibre produced from natural plant fibres, 80% Microfibre / 20% Modal.
  • The Perfect Balance duvet filled with wonderfully soft, fine and light, Lysoft© microfibre. Lyocell is an advanced breathable fibre, created from natural raw materials, that is softer and more breathable than Egyptian cotton, 85% microfibre / 15% Lyocell.

Natural duvets

Natural filled duvets can look very similar but prices differ greatly. Here's a few points to explain the difference between them:

  • Starting with the down-proof cotton case, these vary in quality. The best ones, such as the casings of the natural duvets we offer, are made from densely woven cotton cambric constructed fabric which stops the down/feathers from escaping! The duvet's box-construction holds the filling in place so that there are no cold spots.
  • Next the filling, this is usually goose (or duck) feathers, goose (or duck) down or a combination of feathers and down. Adding feathers to a duvet makes it cheaper but also HEAVIER. If you prefer a HEAVY DUVET, for more of a ‘tucked-in’ feeling, well, quite frankly - you’re laughing as these tend to be rather cheaper than their lightweight counterparts! If this is your preference then I’d simply take a look at one of our feather duvets (rather than a down duvet). For a particularly heavy duvet, opt for a high tog value as these contain more filling. However, beware, as you need to ensure you don't choose a tog value that is too warm for you!
  • As far as price is concerned, it's fair to say that the LIGHTER and SOFTER the duvet, the more expensive it will be. The best, ie the LIGHTEST and SOFTEST natural duvets are filled only with only pure white goose down such as a Platinum European goose down duvet. Even better than these are the duvets filled with down from geese bred in the coldest parts of Europe and Canada, eg a Hungarian goose down duvet. These birds are left to mature until the down is at its prime to ensure the lightest softest down possible.
  • DUCK feather/down duvets offer similar characteristics to their GOOSE feather/down duvet counterparts. However, the duck duvets are just that bit HEAVIER simply due to the smaller size of the down and feathers and consequently their smaller capacity to insulate. More duck down or feathers are therefore required to provide the particular level (tog rating) of insulation.
  • Should you require a hypoallergenic natural duvet then we would highly recommend a Mulberry silk duvet. Silk is an excellent alternative of duvet filling for those who are allergic to feathers and yet require a 100% natural duvet. Unfortunately, silk duvets cannot be washed but be spot cleaned.

We sincerely hope this is of help in your decision-making. However, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

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