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Scatter cushions and throws are excellent tools for dressing a room up or down and perfect for adding comfort and a splash of colour to your bed, sofa or reading chair. Choose quality, beauty and durability with any one of our cushions, the covers of which include crisp linens, cottons and extravagant silks. The colours of the bulk of these cushions reflects our love of pale grey-blues, grey-greens and soft mustard shades as these complementary colours work well together whatever the style of house. They are also comfortable shades that they make everyone feel good.

Here are a few top tips worth consideration when decorating with cushions…

  • In bedrooms, it’s important that beds look and feel crisp, with spotless bed linen and lots of pillows and bed cushions. In Russia and Italy, pillows and cushions are piled high on beds. Make the bed inviting, so you feel you can use it whenever you want.
  • If you like piling additional cushions on to sofas, remember to buy sofas that are deep enough to accommodate them, so that you don’t have to remove them in order to sit down. Better to have sofa with an adequate depth to accommodate the cushions than end up opting for small cushions that look mean and don’t add the x-factor required to complete your design scheme.
  • Remember that the ultimate in luxury is comfort. A room without a good sofa or chair complete with comfortable looking cushions, or a table on which to put your drink or a reading lamp, can make a room seem unfriendly and unwelcoming.
  • Your decorative scheme should always include contrasts. This might mean using rough linen curtains and/or cushions in a grand, high-ceilinged room. Contrasts are exciting – disparate objects and influences often work well together.
  • Use plenty of different textures, particularly if you are working across just one colour group. Textures add interest to a room with each texture giving off a different impulse: silk is smooth, velvet soft, and so on. Try using carefully considered juxtrapositions and unusual combinations of differently textured cushion cover fabrics, rather than just patterned cushions. A rough-textured, natural linen cushion, next to a delicate, sheeny silk-covered cushion, creates a calm look while adding a little visual joke.
  • It’s refreshing to make changes from time to time, even when you’ve succesfully completed the decoration of your home. This need not involve huge decorating projects. Using summer and winter loose cushion covers is certainly one simple and inexpensive way of updating a room. For example, by simply substituting winter-style, faux fur cushion covers with lighter-weight woven linen cushion covers with the arrival of Spring, will certainly freshen the look.

Have fun experimenting and enjoy it! Should you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.