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Sleeping under a truly luxurious duvet can transform the quality of your sleep and since we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, it's worth choosing the duvet that's right for you. 

Choosing a duvet can be a confusing experience. Feather, down, silk, microfibre or hollowfibre? How warm do I want to be? Which size should I go for? We aim to make buying a duvet as easy as possible. 

To find your perfect duvet firstly consider which type of filling you prefer, ie a natural or synthetic filling. If you are unsure which is best for you, consider the benefits of each given on our Which duvet is best? page. 

In basic terms, goose down duvets are widely regarded as the most luxurious duvets available. This is simply because the large, lofty clusters of goose down trap more air than feather based fillings. These duvets therefore feel wonderfully warm, whilst being incredibly lightweight. Feather duvets provide similar benefits but are heavier in weight. 

If you suffer from bedding allergies, then an more appropriate choice would be a hypoallergenic duvet, such as a microfibre duvet, a silk duvet, or a duvet such as the Perfect Balance duvet which contains a breathable filling of uniquely soft microfibre blended with Lysoft.