Goose Feather and Down Dual Layer Mattress Topper Reviews

A few reviews we have received from Pure Living Collection customers whom have ordered a Goose Feather and Down Dual Layer Mattress Topper by The Fine Bedding Company:


Margaret bought a Goose Feather and Down Dual Layer Mattress Topper for her sister Deirdre

“Just thought I would let you know that I ordered the pillow top and mattress cover last evening. I have spoken to my sister today and told her to expect a parcel but not what it will contain!

Thank you so much for all your help – discussing her needs with you helped me make up my mind as to what was the best type of topper to buy for her….”

“…I have heard from Deirdre and she was absolutely thrilled with her mattress – her words were “it was like sleeping on a cloud” – the exact same words as you told me another customer of yours used. Once again, thanks for all your help, such customer service as you have given is rare these days, and was very much appreciated…..”

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Carmel Finnerty, Co. Cork, Ireland

“The Goose feather and down mattress topper and Goose down and memory foam pillows that I bought from Pure Living are an absolute dream. They have added a major feel of luxury to my bed.

Also - the speed of delivery was excellent. These products are available in Ireland but are actually cheaper to buy from your website and pay for the shipping over here.

Definite value for money.

Thank you!”

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Joanne Atkin,

Joanne Atkin placed an order online for a Goose Feather and Down Dual Layer Mattress Topper then phoned to discuss as was concerned about the extra warmth it might create. This is her message following receipt of her mattress topper:

“... in the end i just went for it and decided it would take a couple of nights to get used to the change just like a new pair of shoes. i was very hot and my boyfriend enforced the removal of the 13.5 tog duvet and replaced it with his spare 4.5 tog one. um as usual he was right and i was then not hot. he said he cant work out my thought process as it was very obvious that this would be the case and cannot work out why i had the 13.5 tog one on anyway in the middle of summer. the end result is that i have been late for work as would not get up and today got up at 9 when usually i am up at 5. well i just love it and you would have to come and fight me to get it back."

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