Mattress Topper Reviews

Mattress ToppersOur two most popular mattress toppers are:

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Soft, Clusterfibre Mattress Topper Reviews:

Elaine Quaife, Bristol
"I have tried 3 other mattress toppers - this mattress topper is by far the fluffiest and most comfortable (I bought an identical one from you last year) - you get what you pay for and I would not swap it! Service was VERY quick, efficient and friendly. Can't fault it and would not hesitate to recommend (otherwise I would not have returned!)."

Lyn Margerison, Berkhamsted
"I am very pleased with the kingsize topper I ordered and am now about to order a second one for a standard double."

Laura, London
This Clusterfull mattress topper was exactly what we were looking for. My husband and I both have different preferences in the firmness of our mattresses and ended up purchasing 2 single mattresses to create a kingsize bed for our needs. We loved our individual mattresses but did not like the 'ridge' it left us and wanted something to cover it. We also wanted to enjoy our mattress but have a topper which was plush and inviting to sink into after a long day. After all, we had splurged on mattresses which are perfect for us as well as luxury linens - having a thick and soft topper would have completed our haven.

We searched A LOT of sites for the perfect topper but none was thick and plush enough. Some were thick but filled with down which would not have worked for my husband who gets easily overheated. So when we found the Clusterfull Mattress Topper, we decided to try it as it seemed to be thick and breathable. It was perfect and we have loved snuggling and sleeping in it since. It never needs re-fluffing and each night you get the same luxurious melting feeling when you first lay down. My son loves to just dive into our bed as it is so much softer than his bed!

My husband and I are very happy with this purchase and the excellent service I received throughout the purchase process. Thank you!

Marie-Therese McGivern, Belfast
I am delighted with the mattress topper. It has turned my good bed into a luxury experience but for a very good price. I am enjoying enhanced rest in the night - thankyou very much.

J Underwood, Surrey
The mattress topper has transformed the comfort factor of our current mattress by 100%, our sleep is now more restful and refreshing.
We look forward to going to bed far more now, as it is like getting into a luxury hotel bed.
In combination with the perfect balance pillow, my neck pain has disappeared and I won’t stay anywhere without taking my pillow along.

Fern Humphrey
I am very pleased with the mattress topper – it is very soft warm and comfortable.

D Dobbs, Lyme Regis
"Order received. Many thanks for such speedy service and excellent goods."

Follow up message from Laura, London
"My husband and I worked hard to create a comfortable bed for ourselves as a hideaway from our two children. The Clusterfull mattress topper was a hit as everyone loved to dive into the bed. My little 5 month old daughter also loves it and has proceeded to throw up milk and other accidents to show her affections. So I have had the topper cleaned twice and now find myself giving into the need to buy a waterproof topper for my topper. I love the bed, I love that it is breathable, and felt that the waterproof topper kinda defeats the purpose of all the 'breathability' but in the end, I dont think I can handle the stress of watching my daughter roll around on my bed - not knowing what she will do next...!

So I will purchase the waterproof mattress cover from you in the next day or so! It just makes me laugh at my folly! The cost of laundering the mattress topper twice already covered the cost of a waterproof cover! I am kicking myself for being so optimistic about my little daughter!"

Margaret W, North Yorkshire
Mattress topper arrived this morning. What amazing service! Roll on bed time! Many thanks.

Dawn F, Surrey
My mattress topper and Perfect Balance pillows arrived yesterday as you said thankyou. Very pleased with everthing had a very comfortable nights sleep!

Sarah H, Ashford
"Order all received. My daughter loves the topper, next time you have a sale on I will get myself a Super King one."


Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper Reviews:

A Craik-Collins, London
We ordered our duck feather and down mattress topper online. After being provided with a delivery tracking number our mattress topper was delivered within a couple of days. The topper fitted perfectly to our mattress and is held in place on all four corners by thick elastic straps. The actual topper has improved our nights sleep infinitely. The bed is actually warmer to get into at night and as a result far more difficult to get out of in the morning! Money well spent.

C Bruce, Queensland, Australia
"Hi and thank you, I got my topper today and its delicious... Mad having one in Queensland but I just love the luxury of it. What a special treat for me!"

Anonymous, Isle of Arran
i am delighted with the mattress topper. bed is a very cosy place to be now especially with winter approaching i have recommended it to many friends and family."