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Choosing the right pillow can be a confusing experience. Feather, down, memory foam or synthetic? What level of support should I opt for?

To find your perfect pillow start off by considering the position in which you sleep as this determines the ideal pillow for you. We have therefore divided our pillows up into the best pillows for back sleepers and best pillows for side sleepers and the best pillows for stomach sleepers. Should you move around from position to position, then we recommend you choose from the range of pillows most suitable for back sleepers.

Natural feather and down pillows are generally considered to be the most luxurious pillows available, offering supreme comfort. Furthermore, the higher the ratio of down to feather, the softer and loftier the pillow will feel. This softness is further decided by the quality of the down, as different types (and ages) of bird produce varying sizes of down. Larger down clusters, such as from Hungarian geese have the ability to trap larger pockets of air creating exceedingly soft and wonderfully plump pillows.

Unfortunately, because of the allergens inherent in down and feathers, natural pillows (apart from silk filled pillows) aren't suitable for allergy sufferers.

There are many hypoallergenic pillows with synthetic fillings on offer, including pillows filled with either hollowfibre, ball-fibre and microfibre. There are also memory foam pillows which offer a greater degree of support and some middle ground too, like the Mulberry silk pillows, which are filled with a blend of hypoallergenic silk and polyester fibre.