10.5 Tog 90% Goose Down Duvet

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10.5 Tog duvets are ideal for use in Spring and Autumn, or even all year round for some.

A 10.5 tog duvet basically contains more insulating filling than 4.5 tog (Summer duvets) and less than 13.5 tog (Winter duvets).

Many consider a 10.5 tog duvet to be a "medium-weight duvet", though we believe "lightweight but warm duvet" to be a more apt description of the 10.5 tog Goose down duvet, as it is indeed lovely and warm, but also ultra soft and lightweight.

Goose down duvets are filled with what is generally regarded as the finest, lightest and softest insulator available, to achieve ultimate levels of purity, durability and supreme lightness. The large, fluffy, goose down clusters trap larger amounts of air than the down from smaller birds, so a goose down duvet is exceptionally soft and light.

The combination of the long lasting natural down filling and the duvet's pure cotton 280-thread-count casing allows your body to 'breathe', so you can enjoy a perfect night's sleep.

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10.5 Tog 90% Goose Down Quilt

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