7 Tog Breathable Microfibre Duvet with Modal

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7 Tog duvets are ideal for use in:

  • Summer: in cooler homes / by those who particularly feel the cold and find a 4.5 tog too cool for summer use / for cooler UK summers!
  • Spring and Autumn: a cooler option than 9 or 10.5 tog options (traditionally, the togs of choice for Spring/Autumn tog use).
  • Winter: for children under 5 who haven't necessarily developed the ability to control their body temperature and are more prone to overheating.

This NEW Breathable microfibre duvet with Modal® works in harmony with your body, helping it to breathe so you feel fresh and comfortable all night long.

The innovative filling is a blend of superior quality supersoft microfibre and Modal®, the latter of which is also a particularly breathable fibre produced from natural plant fibres which further helps regulate your body to its optimal temperature. This soft and lightweight duvet is encased in a soft-touch microfibre fabric with bubble texture and has a piped finish. It may be washed frequently at home at a temperature of 40ºC.

7 Tog Breathable Microfibre and Modal Duvet

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