90% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

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Our Silver Collection Hungarian goose down duvet is for pure indulgence, warmth without weight, natural breathability, temperature regulation and durability.

Filled with a blend of 90% fluffy white goose down and 10% small fine goose feathers, with many thousands more down clusters than feathers in the blend to provide a blissfully lightweight feel. The large down clusters come from the biggest geese living in the coldest parts of Europe where a goose needs the warmest, snuggliest covering in order to keep warm throughout the long winters.

Encased in an ultra fine 300-thread-count cotton sateen cover, the duvet is precision stitched in a cassette construction to ensure an even spread of filling and finished with a satin piped edging.

This particular option of goose down duvet is made to the highest standard and will keep you warm and cosy for many years to come.

Four Seasons Option: 4.5 & 9 Tog duvets have cufflinks and can be attached to each other create a four season's duvet.

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Hungarian Goose Down Duvet - Silver Collection

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