10.5 Tog 90% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

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10.5 Tog duvets are ideal for use in Spring and Autumn, or even all year round for some.

A 10.5 tog duvet basically contains more insulating filling than 4.5 tog (Summer duvets) and less than 13.5 tog (Winter duvets).

Many consider a 10.5 tog duvet to be a "medium-weight duvet", though we believe "lightweight but warm duvet" to be a more apt description of the 10.5 tog Hungarian Goose down duvet, as it is indeed lovely and warm, but also ultra soft and lightweight.

Filled with a blend of 90% fluffy white Hungarian goose down and only 10% small fine goose feathers means the many thousands more down clusters than feathers in the blend provide a blissfully lightweight feel. The large down clusters come from the biggest geese who live in one of the coldest parts of Europe where a goose needs the warmest, snuggliest covering in order to keep warm throughout the long winters.

Encased in a 300-thread-count cotton cover featuring an attractive jacquard design, the duvet is precision stitched in a cassette construction to ensure an even spread of filling and finished with a satin piped edging.

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10.5 Tog Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

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