Children's Soft Wool Duvet

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A pure new wool duvet which is naturally soft and breathable, encased in 100% Cotton, to give your child a cosy night’s sleep.

The unique, natural properties of the wool filling will help provide peace of mind for you, as wool is:

  • hypoallergenic and resists dust mites and their allergens (a major cause of two increasingly common childhood conditions – asthma and hayfever)
  • breathable, so it helps maintain a more even sleeping temperature throughout the night, all year round
  • absorbent, so can reduce skin allergies, wicking away moisture
  • fire retardant without the use of chemicals
  • nontoxic, chemical-free
  • a sustainable product, as the animal is reared solely for its wool and returns to the pasture after shearing.

Please do not use a duvet for children less than 12 months old due to the rist of overheating.

Children's Wool Duvet

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