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Breathable Microfibre and Modal Pillow

Breathable Microfibre and Modal Pillow

Product Review (submitted on 7 November 2017):
I am delighted to comment relating to my recent purchase of 2 Breathable Microfibre and Modal Pillows and my praise report is long overdue.

Now, concerning these 2 pillows, I honestly have to say that I was absolutely speechless at their quality as sleeping on them is sheer luxury. Never in my life have my nights been more comfortable than since the day these pillows arrived at my house. I have always had excellent quality furnishings, [I believe one gets what one pays for], however, your these breathable pillows are the crowning glory to a good night's sleep, I simply cannot speak too highly of them. Anyone with orthopaedic back [spinal] problems would be well advised to turn to this type of pillow. The support afforded by this particular pillow beats every other pillow on the market (and I speak as a housewife of 44 years experience!). 2 pillows of this kind replace 4 other ordinary type of pillow for those who need back support. Sadly, all the big promises under the sun, which come with lesser type pillows only leave one with disturbed nights due to discomfort of bumpy, lumpy, unbalanced pillows....and who wants to start the day in a miserable state like that?

An excellent pillow is an absolute MUST. I am sure that cheap, poor quality pillows account for so many people's bad nights sleep, who wriggle around, tossing and turning and getting nowhere in particular!! If they only knew of your pillows...their nights could be turned around swiftly!

Both types of pillows purchased from you have their place. The Spundown pillows which I have had for many years now are still as they were on day one, wash perfectly at 60 degrees C, and dry beautifully, no lumps, no bumps, perfect just as on day one. Compared with the Breathable Microfibre and Modal pillows, they are slightly softer for those who prefer a softer, 'cuddlier' top pillow (I can't think of a better description!) and so according to how I want to be for the night, I choose one or the other type for my top pillow.

Finally, I want to congratulate the individuals who thought of making these fantastic pillows. Your pillows stand in a class of their own, that is without any doubt.