Best Tog for All Year Duvet

Best Tog for All Year Duvet

A TOG is a measure of the amount of warmth a duvet will provide. The 2 "togs" of duvets most commonly used all year round are either a 10.5 tog or a 13.5 tog Four Seasons:

10.5 Tog Duvet

10.5 tog 

One Duvet

Popular choice by B&B owners or those who require only one duvet (no storage for 2nd duvet):

  • Best for use in Spring/Autumn
  • Best as a Winter Duvet for those who are prone to overheating

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All Seasons Duvet

13.5 tog Four / All Seasons

3 Duvets for the price of 2, ie 2 duvets which may used individually or buttoned together:

  • 4.5 Tog for Summer
  • 9 Tog for Spring & Autumn
  • 13.5 Tog (together) for Winter

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These 2 "togs" are available in most of the duvet types we offer as they are the most popular choice of year round duvet. But just to clarify, here is a list of the duvets available in the 10.5 tog and the All Seasons Duvets...

10.5 Tog duvets:

Hypoallergenic / Easycare: Spundown (ultra washable), Breathable Microfibre with Modal and Breathable Microfibre with Silk, (both of which provide better temperature regulation so you are less likely to overheat)

100% Natural from most reasonably priced to most luxurious: Duck Feather and Down, Goose Feather and Down, Goose Down and Hungarian Goose Down

All / Four Seasons Duvets:

Hypoallergenic / Easycare: Spundown (as soft and light as natural goose down, washable at 60 degrees C), Breathable Microfibre with Modal and Breathable Microfibre with Silk,

100% Natural for the most reasonably priced natural duvet: Goose Feather and Down.