Choose Hypoallergenic or Anti-Allergy Duvet and Pillows

Choose Hypoallergenic or Anti-Allergy Duvet and Pillows

We appreciate there are a great variety of duvets and pillows from which to choose. Furthermore, for anyone with allergies, making the wrong choice may not only prove to be an expensive mistake but may also impact on your health. Further down the page are some product recommendations relative to the allergy from which you suffer.

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Recommendations for Asthma and Rhinitis Sufferers

For those suffering from asthma, eczema and rhinitis a common allergy trigger is the house dust mite allergen. House dust mites can't be seen but there are millions of them in every unprepared home that cause these year-round allergies. They live in your mattresses, pillows, carpets, furniture, bedding, clothing and anywhere else they can feed on dead flakes of human skin. Dust mites thrive in dark, humid areas where there is a ready supply of food, so duvets and pillows are dust mite heaven!

Though it's almost impossible to completely eliminate these tiny pests they can be killed and their allergen destroyed when your bedding is washed at temperatures of 60°C and above. The ideal duvets or pillows you can buy are therefore those that can endure repeated washing at this temperature or higher. If washed frequently (at least once every three months and preferably monthly) at a high temperature, the number of dust mites and their allergenic droppings may be greatly reduced, if not pretty much eliminated.

Our recommendations are as follows:

Our HYPOALLERGENIC Spundown duvets and pillows are filled with the most sophisticated modern alternative to natural down, wonderfully soft polyester microrfibre blends, which have the ability to endure a wash at 60°C, compressing well into a domestic washing machine. Both the duvets and pillows can be washed and dried time and time again and will remain hypoallergenic without loss of comfort or loft. Furthermore your duvet may be washed and dried, then back on the bed the same day. With built-in anti-dustmite protection this bedding is ideal for anyone who would like to sleep soundly and safely in clean comfortable bedding.
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Recommendations for Eczema Sufferers

Eczema is also triggered by the house dust mite allergen. However, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate bedding for those who suffer from Eczema, we suggest polyester covers should be avoided (thus excluding Spundown duvets and pillows from your list of options). This is due to the fact that synthetic fabrics and fillings are generally less forgiving when it comes to changes in temperature as they lack the breathability of natural fillings. So, for anyone with eczema, natural fillings such as pure cotton, silk, feathers and down are a cooler option of duvets and pillows, particularly those with a pure cotton cover.

Our recommendations are as follows:

The Mulberry silk duvet offers a natural, cool alternative to synthetics. These luxury duvets are filled with 100% long Mulberry silk fibres which are not only naturally hypoallergenic but naturally resistant to dust mites. The 200g weight (equivalent to a 4 tog rating) is ideal for warmer climates or hot itchy children. Many find the 400g weight all seasons duvet (equivalent to an 8 tog) to be perfect for year round use in the UK, light enough for summer and warm enough for winter in a centrally heated home. These luxurious duvets drape blissfully over the body. However, washing a silk duvet is not recommended and local soiling should be carefully cleaned with a sponge. As far as cleaning is concerned the silk floss simply requires sun-purification, achieved by placing your silk duvet outside on a sunny day 1-3 times a year.
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Feather and down duvets and pillows: Don't be put off by the so-called "feather allergy". Though dust is created as feathers break down with use, this may be avoided by purchasing high quality down bedding with only a small proportion of feathers. It is the house dust mite allergens (which makes up the large proportion of the dust content of any unwashed pillow or duvet) no matter what the filling, that forms the primary cause of most allergies and irritations. The general advice that allergy sufferers should choose duvets and pillows filled with synthetic clusters, rather than down, is simply due to the easy-care qualities of the synthetic equivalents. After all, having a down duvet washed at your local launderette is costly and relatviely time-consuming and couldn’t possibly compete, for example, with the practicality of washing any size of Spundown duvet at home.
Furthermore, contrary to popular belief feather and down duvets and pillows are not a preferred habitat for house dust mites as the tightly woven casings, required to keep the feather and down inside, act as an almost impenetrable barrier for dust mites. Plus the humid climatic conditions required by dust mites for survival and growth are not provided by feather and down duvet and pillows, i.e. the rapid increase in warmth, whilst the person is sleeping, with the quick drop in humidity when the room is aired.
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The Breathable Microfibre and Modal® duvet may also be considered an option for sufferers of Eczema. It is filled with silky soft hypoallergenic microfibre blended with Modal®. Modal® isn't a ‘natural’ fibre like cotton or silk, but it isn’t a ‘man-made’ fibre either, it’s what is termed a ‘regenerated’ fibre as it is created from natural raw materials (the pulp from trees).It is softer and more breathable than naturally occurring fibres such as Egyptian cotton and silk. When used to make up the filling of these duvets it provides this easy care bedding with breathability (usually only associated with natural bedding). The same concept applies to the Breathable microfibre and silk duvet.
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To recap, most duvets and pillows filled with synthetic clusters are generally considered the most appropriate choice for allergy sufferers simply because they are hypoallergenic and wash easily. However, as the washing temperature is restricted to 40°C with a low temperature drying programme, dust mites and their allergens remain following each wash. ‘Perfectbalance’ duvets and pillows are therefore not as effective at eradicating the cause of the problem (i.e. the dust mites and their allergens) as are the Spundown bedding.

Allergies to Latex or Sensitivities to Chemical Based Materials

Pillows filled with latex chips or synthetics such as polyurethane memory foam or polyester ‘hollowfibre’ or ‘microfibre’ clusters are not recommended for anyone allergic to latex or who is sensitive to chemical based materials. Polyester covers should be avoided too. Please therefore choose from the list of natural bedding above.