Floral Duvet Covers

Floral Duvet Covers

Would you like to create a beautiful bedroom, a world away from the busy city in which you live? Or do you may wish to complement the surrounding countryside of your country bedroom? Either way, there's nothing more romantic than being surrounded by flowers as you sleep. 

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Fabulous Floral Duvet Cover Prints and Weaves

Choose from either printed or woven floral duvet covers. The prints are more common as they are more reasonable to produce and therefore easier on the pocket!

Floral designs for both woven and printed textiles often begin with a drawing or a watercolour sketch of how the design will look once made up on the bed, complete with coordinating pillows, cushions and throws - rather as a fashion designer sketches out the way the model will look walking down the catwalk in his/her latest creation. Successful textile designers marry this creative vision of how the finished bed will look with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of production and the properties of fibre, yarn, and dyes. Today, most professional textile designers use some form of computer-aided design software created expressly for this purpose.

A few top tips when creating your floral bedroom scheme:

  • Should you choose a busy floral duvet covers in strong colours then paint your walls, rather than opting for a wallpaper with a busy pattern. Alternatively, use mid-tones around the bed linen (either on the walls or on the bedhead or headboard) to complement simple florals on white grounds... unless you wish the room to have a bleached-out pure, white simple look such as seen in these bedrooms featuring blue floral bedding and pink floral bedding.
  • Give your bedroom a relaxed eclectic appeal by using a mixture of painted and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories.
  • Duvet covers with pattern create a "relaxed, comfortable look". Relax the feel further and create interest by mixing the floral pattern of your duvet cover with checks, stripes and plains, such as our New England style duvet covers. These designs look good if you stick to the two main colours with touches of a third complementary colour - but limit it to that.
  • The main colour of the floral duvet cover can tie the scheme together. Simple, but most effective.

So, why not bring the beauty of a springtime garden to your bedroom décor with one of our floral bed linen collections. This full range of classic and contemporary designs ensure that you'll find just the right look in our floral bedding collections. Duvet covers are available in the following sizes: single, double, kingsize and super kingsize. Complement with the matching pillowcases from the same range to complete the floral bedding ensembles with either standard or Continental pillowcases. Extra large pillowcases are available to coordinate with some of the floral duvet covers.