New England Style Striped Bedlinen

New England Style Striped Bedlinen

Whether thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, stripes are a timeless classic. They are incredibly versatile and look fabulous as yarn-dyed or printed striped bed linen:

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If you use Stripes in your interior decoration you simply cannot fail to achieve a great look as they’re:

  • UNIVERSAL: They can be used in anything and anywhere. Striped bed linen is certainly no exception.
  • SAFE: Though not many of us would actually like to think of ourselves as “safe”, you almost cannot fail with stripes and let’s face it, who wants to spend their money on redecorating their bedroom only to find the result doesn’t quite work! Fabulously simple, yet extremely elegant striped bedding sets include: sky blue wide stripe duvet cover and grey and white striped duvet cover sets. Particularly safe are tone-on-tone stripes which are understated yet can be incredibly elegant, such as the matt and shiny stripes of the white sateen striped bed linen.
  • VERSATILE: One of the best things about stripes is that they're wonderfully versatile. Whether you use them in a traditional way or in a totally modern and contemporary way, decorating with stripes is a great way of creating the look of a professionally decorated room whilst bringing some order to your space. When used in soft-furnishings, printed or woven yarn-dyed stripes can be combined with floral prints, blocks of colour and other variations of stripe (such as the wide stripes of our Whitstable duvet covers). Furthermore, they don’t even have to be straight. Zebra print can add a touch of luxury to your interior decoration.
  • FUNKY and DYNAMIC: If you’d like to jazz up your bedroom décor a bit then this may be achieved by the use of stripes. They’re wild when they're bright and bold, especially the greater the contrast between the colours used, as with the Zebra print option mentioned already. Alternatively a modern look may simply be created with the use of calmer coloured stripes used horizontally as opposed to the more traditional use of vertical stripes, or when different widths of stripes are used as opposed to the classic use of stripes that are the same width.
  • CHANGE PERCEPTION of the SPACE: As well as being used in soft furnishings, stripes can be painted or found in wallpaper. Wider horizontal stripes on walls, especially when two tones of the same colour are used, can make the room look bigger. Vertical thin stripes make the walls look taller. However, if redecorating your walls takes you over your budget, then it is better to use stripes in fabrics and upholstery, bed linen or accessories. Striped curtains, rug, bed throw or even a just with a couple of striped pillows or cushions can enrich any bedrooms' decorative scheme.

The History of Stripes and Striped Fabric as a fabric for Bed Linen
Sheets along with chemises, underwear and other "next-to-the-skin cloth" only become patterned or striped in the last hundred years, and only then very gradually, when they became associated with hygiene. Prior to this time, from feudal times to the second industrial revolution in fact, the only fabric that was acceptable to western sensibility was white or undyed. Stripes, mostly with a pastel color, a kind of purified hue, became accepted due to their association of animal dye being drained from the cloth. This and other facts relating to the history of stripes, may be read in the fascinating book "The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes and Striped Fabric" by Michel Pastoureau.