Which Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are like the icing on a cake. They lie on top of your mattress, secured by straps and are around 5cm in depth. They are designed to give your spine just the right amount of resistance and provide your back and joints with extra support and comfort. A mattress topper will also revitalise an old mattress and protect a new one .

OUR MOST POPULAR Mattress Toppers:

Clusterfull Mattress Topper Clusterfull
  • SOFT Support
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Ideal for ALLERGY Sufferers
  • BOUNCEBACK to shape without regular shaking
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Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper Duck Feather and Down
  • SOFT Support
  • 100% NATURAL
  • Needs a regular SHAKE
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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Memory Foam
  • FIRM Support
  • Molds to exact shape 
  • WARMER: Poor-Adequate Temperature Regulation
  • Can help BACK PAIN
  • DO NOT use with electric blanket
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Which mattress topper?


Until recently, conventional wisdom had it that the firmer the mattress, the better it was for you. Unfortunately, this has turned out not to be true and many of us are now finding our backs and joints are hurting with our extra firm mattresses.

Mattress toppers are also an excellent way to revitalise a tired mattress. Your mattress may not be as young as it once was and is likely to have given up over the years, which means that your body weight is not evenly distributed as you sleep. Even If you’ve just bought a new mattress, you still need to 'top' in order to offer your back the support it requires. That said, if your mattress is 30 years old, sagging, with springs poking through - it may be time for a new one!


Choosing a topper isn’t easy. Here’s a quick guide to help:

Natural fillings

Our luxurious natural toppers are generously stuffed to make sure that resistance is just right distributing your weight evenly and taking off the pressure.

Duck feather and down mattress topper 

Experience the natural comfort, warmth and luxury of a traditional feather mattress with our duck feather and down mattress topper. It is filled to two inches with twin-seam construction to hold the filling firmly in place and help maintain it's shape. This mattress topper offers the comfort of feather and down and excellent value. Elasticated straps make for a secure fit. 

Hypoallergenic down-like fibre fillings or memory foam 

The Clusterfull mattress topper
This luxury mattress topper, with a depth of 2”, is ideal for allergy sufferers or those with joint, neck or back pain looking for a supportive resistant mattress topper with a soft, springy feel. 

Memory foam mattress toppers 

Many suppliers and their customers will tell you that a memory foam mattress is the ultimate sleep experience. So how does it work? By literally moulding itself to your body shape, the temperature sensitive ‘memory foam’ provides total support for your spine and joints helping to relieve any aches and pains you might have, ensuring you have a restful night’s sleep. However, there is no denying that buying a memory foam mattress is an expensive option. 

If you're buying a new bed or a new mattress anyway, this investment is certainly worth considering. However if you already have a decent mattress, that isn’t sagging in the middle, and would like to experience the feeling of sleeping on memory foam then a memory foam topper is a more affordable alternative. 

memory foam mattress topper is a piece of visco-elastic foam, usually an inch or two thick, which is placed on top of your existing mattress. It will provide you with all of the support and comfort advantages of a memory foam mattress, without the expense. In terms of feel, memory foam provides a firmer, more supportive feel compared to the natural feather and down mattress topper and the fibre-filled mattress topper. Be aware that when new memory foam emits a strong, chemical smell. When you first buy your mattress topper you'll probably want to "air" it for a couple of days. 

Size Availability

All of these mattress toppers are available in standard UK bed sizes 

Size To fit mattress size (cm)
Single W   90 x L 190
Double W 135 x L 190
Kingsize W 150 x L 200
Super Kingsize W 180 x L 200