Which Pillow Do I Choose?

The most important consideration when selecting the perfect pillow, is the position in which you sleep. So, perfect for:

Which pillow?

  • SIDE sleepers is a MEDIUM-HIGH, FIRM SUPPORT PILLOW if you like just 1 pillow or a MEDIUM or MEDIUM-SOFT SUPPORT UNDER-PILLOW should you prefer 2 pillows to support your head and neck in a higher position than for a front of back sleeper, keeping it aligned with your spine.

FIRM pillows for SIDE sleepers >

MEDIUM under-pillows for SIDE sleepers >

SOFT top pillows for SIDE sleepers >

  • BACK sleepers or those who MOVE from position to position is a MEDIUM-HEIGHT, MEDIUM-SUPPORT PILLOW as it will gently cushion your head and neck.

MEDIUM pillows for BACK sleepers >

  • FRONT sleepers is a SOFT or LOW PILLOW height as this will provide a very gentle slope and not strain the muscles in your neck.

SOFT or LOW pillows for STOMACH sleepers >


    The second consideration, when choosing a new pillow, is your preferred type of filling

    Choose from our ranges of natural pillows; practical, hypoallergenic clusterfibre pillows; or, for those who suffer from neck problems, our range of memory foam pillows


    Natural Pillows

    Natural pillows are available in soft, medium or firm qualities. The softness or firmness depends upon the amount pure down clusters (which are soft) and fine feathers (which are firm) used to fill the pillow. Also the higher the quality of the down, the softer and loftier the pillow will be.

    Ultra soft and soft pillow
    Most suitable for tummy sleepers or when used as a top pillow for side sleepers with wide shoulders
    Platinum European Pillow @ £120.00 each, read on >

    Soft to medium pillows
    Most suitable for tummy or back sleepers, or as a top pillow for side sleepers with wide shoulders
    Goose Feather and Down Pillows @ £24.00 each, read on >
    Duck Feather and Down Pillows @ £20.00 each, read on... >

    Firm pillow
    Ideal for side sleepers
    Mulberry Silk Pillow with clusterfibre core to provide bounceback @ £55.00 each, read on >


    Easy-Care, Hypoallergenic Pillows

    Clusterfibre pillows are ideal if you are allergic to feathers or down, or like to wash your pillow frequently (they wash and dry easily in domestic machines). All the pillows available from PureLivingCollection.com are filled with polyester clusters so they mould effortlessly around your head and neck and are easy to re-plump.

    Medium pillows
    Most suitable for back sleepers
    So Soft Pillow, soft-medium @ £12.50 each, read on… >
    Spundown Pillow, medium option @ £20.00 each, read on… >

    Medium to firm pillow
    Most suitable for side sleepers
    Spundown Pillow, firm option @ £20.00 each, read on… >
    Perfect Balance Pillow @ £25.00 each, read on...>


    Memory Foam Pillows

    Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material that responds to your body heat, moulding to the exact shape of your head and neck. Memory foam pillows offer the most support, can help alleviate neck and spinal problems and even prevent snoring!

    Firm pillows
    Most suitable for side sleepers
    Traditional Memory Foam Pillow @ £50.00 each, read on... >

    Firm pillows with a softer feel
    Most suitable for side sleepers who would like to benefit from the support and pressure relieving qualities of a memory foam pillow, but who prefer the shape and feel of a traditional pillow.
    Dual Support Pillow (Memory Foam and Cluster-fibre Pillow) @ £40.00 each, read on... >


    Once you have found the perfect pillow, help lengthen its lifetime by using a pillow protector.